Jet-Fans are a type of industrial fans whose function is to push the smoke that builds up inside car parks and garages, to ensure air quality, and in case of fire, evacuate harmful gases.

The design of the device is inspired by the shape of the wind. Comunicates fluidity, while at the same time, is aesthetic. The project transforms a very industrial object, to a more integrated and aesthetic device.

On the other hand, is also a new concept of fan, a bidirectional centrifugal
Jet-Fan. While unidirectional centrifugal Jet-Fans already exist, creating a bidirectional one is a step forward in the field. The main advantatge is that the total height of the machine is reduced, in comparison to an axial-fan type. This feature allows the installation in much more lower height garages.

2009 - Client: Casals Ventilació